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18-19 March 2022


In Play-Fight we use rough-and-tumble games and movement situations to learn about patterns we use to deal with resistance and conflict.

The practice we guide you through is joyful yet deep: It helps you connect to your aliveness, resources and power as well to connect to others in a profound way.

Inspired by martial arts, dance and somatic practices the central point is to develop and strengthen a playful mindset and a body that uses structure instead of force to deal with the outer world.

We will explore themes of:
Body-awareness and self-care: sensing yourself and learning to prevent future injuries

Coordination and resilience: changing patterns and developing power

Contact, conflict & cooperation: partnering and group-scenarios foster embodied communication skills

Creativity and adaptivity: Learning to deal with complexity through physical play and movement improvisation

Content of the workshop:
- Dynamic Stability
- Centering and Gravity
- Non-Resistance

Prepare for two days of exploration and intense play.

There will as well be spaces to reflect on the personal, social and cultural implications that are at the core of this practice.

All genders are welcome.


80,- €

For those with currently limited financial resources who will benefit from access supported by the community.



100,- €

For those with sufficient financial resources and who can pay fair value for the experience to help support others.



120,- €

For those with more than enough financial resources and a desire to support access for others and to further encourage our work


Team // Facilitation

Uwe Jaschke

Uwe (he/him) has a deep background in martial arts and works as Feldenkrais-Practicioner (FVD), facilitator and trainer for embodied practices. He is active in the field of somatics since 10+ years. With a background as M. Sc. he also coordinated an international network of scientists based in the field of researching somatic practices. 

Uwe is the founder of SomaticsLab where he focuses on the topic "nature and knowledge", creating learning experiences to explore nature through the exploration of the body.

Felix Arend

Felix (he/him) works as facilitator and teacher for somatic movement practices. He is a trained dance and movement educator and brings in over 10 years of experience in different movement fields. He has a background in philosophy and is currently receiving education as a Feldenkrais Practitioner.

Felix is the Co-Founder of SomaticsLab. There he focuses his research on "body and power" in relation to a diverse and meaningful movement practice.

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